Brand New Plant
Located in a sylvan area of AECC Production Site at the outskirts of the city of Angarsk in Eastern Siberia, the newly built Triflics Plant is an environmentally friendly facility which generates a drastically reduced amount of waste
Triflics Plant Module Alpha
The facility that produces Triflic Acid and Triflic Anhydride has been significantly re-designed with the focus on safety and performance
Computerised Process Control
Total Process Automation enables comprehensive, reliable, effective, agile, maintainable and standards-based facility operation that contributes to stable high product quality and eliminates manual labour
Proprietary Packaging
Final products are packaged in UN-certified stainless steel kegs with internal surfaces passivated using a proprietary technique. Disconnecting containers from the Product Withdrawal Station is one of the few manual operations in the process
Before Shipment
Checking seals on final product containers by qualified personnel is one of the operations that allow the product to be traceable back to the source materials and their suppliers
The Lab
A fully-equipped laboratory is an important link in AECC QA/QC system
19F NMR Spectrometry
Triflic Anhydride quality control is conducted using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry on 19F nuclei
NMR spectra are recorded and stored both digitally and as hard-copies for future reference
Passivated Drums
The products are packaged in UN-certified Class 8 PG II hazmat stainless steel drums that feature 58-liter (90 Kg net) volume, proprietary interior passivation enabling 3-years shelf life, standard threads and PTFE gasket, durable and robust AISI 304 design
Proprietary Technology
All processes relevant to the production of Triflic products are protected with patents
Robust Logistics
Wherever you need our products, we can find the best solution to deliver them promptly and safely